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We’ve assembled all the resources you need to learn about AssurX and leveraging quality management and regulatory compliance software across any enterprise. Browse through the complete libraries to find product and industry specific information, customer case studies, as well as webcasts and whitepapers on a variety of topics.

Document & Training Management Systems: The Backbone of a Modern QMS

Presenters discuss the features and benefits of integrating document control and training management systems as a critical EQMS foundation for standardization and knowledge transfer. The webinar concludes with a comprehensive demonstration of the AssurX solution in action.

Duration 55 min.

5 Pillars of a Modern Quality Management System

This webinar discusses how modern QMS has evolved to facilitate all compliance with GxPs, FDA, HACCP, ISO standards, and more. The presenter explores five (5) essential pillars that form the foundation of today’s modern quality management systems. See how leading companies use automation to streamline end-to-end issue management across the enterprise and build cultures that make safer products and drive business change and growth.

Duration 45 min.

EU MDR Implementation and Organizational Change Management

This 20-minute webinar from AssurX provides a high-level perspective on crucial MDR changes and interdependencies across the product lifecycle.

Duration 20 min.

EU MDR Preparedness: Implementing a MIR-Ready Complaint Management Solution

Watch a brief demonstration of how a quality management system can populate MIRs for submission with data extracted from complaint and UDI records.

Duration 40 min.

Assessing Organizational Readiness for EU MDR

In this webinar, experts will discuss how medical device manufacturers and companies that distribute devices and drug delivery systems to European Union members will experience an organizational shift with the transition to EU MDR.

Duration 45 min.

6 Elements of a Modern Change Management System

This webinar discusses and demonstrates how an electronic change management system dynamically manages change evaluation, planning, implementation, and documentation.

Duration: 50 min.

Automating Policy and Procedure Management for QMS

This webinar provides an overview of how automating and integrating policy and procedure management creates a controlled process to mitigate risk and improve user compliance.

Duration 27 min.

Complaint Management for Life Sciences: A Best Practice Approach

Learn best practices for initiating and implementing an electronic complaint handling solution for pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotech organizations. See firsthand how a configurable software platform automates and streamlines the entire complaint management process—from complaint intake through review, investigation, regulatory reporting, and returned product shipment tracking. Ensure complaints are handled quickly and efficiently, utilizing the right resources at the right time.

Duration: 48 min.

A Complaint Management Primer: Compliance-Driven Strategies for Effective Complaint Management

The webinar provides a high-level overview of proven strategies for implementing a complaint management process that facilitates the gathering, evaluating, investigating, and remediating complaints from the premarket stage to closure and what practices to avoid.

Duration: 30 min.

Implementing an Enterprise NERC Compliance Management System

Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association shares insights into how they prepared for and deployed a consolidated NERC compliance system that automates ad-hoc evidence submissions, evidence reporting, corrective actions, and other compliance activities. The system consistently manages operations, identifies risks, and demonstrates compliance across all critical operations. Presenters discuss best practices for design and implementation considerations as well as lessons learned.

Duration: 38 min.

Patch Management for NERC CIP Compliance: Turning Awareness into Action

This webinar provides an overview of how the AssurX Patch Management solution solves the security challenge of managing cyber asset patching across IT, OT, and IoT infrastructures for effective risk mitigation and NERC CIP-007 compliance BES Cyber System Security.

Duration 40 min.

Simplifying NERC Compliance by Automating Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets (RSAWs)

This webcast demonstrates how utilizing a dynamic RSAW management system enables Registered Entities to be spot check and audit-ready with current NERC requirements.

Duration: 47 min.

Automating Asset Change Management for NERC CIP-010 R1

Watch our on-demand webinar where we explore the functionality required for an effective Asset Change Management solution that enables compliance with CIP-010, and how the AssurX Energy Compliance System™ (ECOS) addresses those challenges.

Duration 40 min.

Leveraging an Enterprise Software Platform for NERC and Regional Compliance

This webinar will demonstrate how the AssurX Energy Compliance System (ECOS) integrates solutions for meeting NERC regulatory mandates that require controlled processes. The presenter will demonstrate automated, connected workflow processes for enterprise-wide compliance management. Key focus areas include managing documents and evidence, compliance workflows, assessments, audits and RSAWs, issue tracking and mitigation, and internal controls.

Duration 60 min.

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