Customer Quality Management Software

Record, Prioritize, and Resolve Customer Issues

Customer quality management software from AssurX improves responsiveness and customer satisfaction while ensuring consumer and partner reported quality issues are always adequately documented and effectively resolved.

Automate, centralize, and streamline the processing of customer-reported product events, including complaints, returns (RMAs), field service, and product improvement requests to resolve customers’ issues reliably. The software receives customer-reported events at intake, drives response workflows based on event type and severity, and initiates and manages corrective actions (CAPAs) when required.

With AssurX Customer Quality Management software, you can automatically track the investigation and resolution of customer issues—correlating them with production, suppliers, or other quality issues—and documenting the entire process in a closed-loop workflow based on industry best practices.

By utilizing automatic task assignments, escalation, and notifications, the software keeps the process moving efficiently and ensures all customer issues are appropriately handled. It collects information about related events and identifies trends across the organization and supply chain to prevent future quality issues.

“AssurX offers several starting points for a wide number of process that you can then customize to fit your needs.”


immunogen Customer Quality Management Software

The AssurX Customer Quality Management solution efficiently manages the processing of customer-reported
issues from intake through resolution.

AssurX Customer Quality Management Software Features


Streamline and expedite customer issue processing by automatically linking related processes, issues, actions, and information throughout your business.


Reduce field failures, prevent recurring issues, and reduce recalls.


Increase responsiveness and customer satisfaction with consistent, efficient, and thorough automated customer issue management.


Dashboards capture and deliver real-time status, performance metrics, and trends.


Closed-loop process for handling complaints and issues with time-stamped audit trails and electronic records/signatures keep you in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards for FDA, ISO, GMP, GxP, and others.