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With the highest customer satisfaction in the industry, we are proudly the trusted quality and compliance experts for some of the most prestigious businesses in the world. Read some of our customer testimonials.

“Our customers have to provide the FDA and other regulatory agencies with a yearly review and with a click of a few buttons, we can now generate the manufacturing portion of APR for them since all the information will be in the AssurX platform.”

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“If you’re looking to manage your compliance activities, or need a corrective action management system, I would not hesitate recommending AssurX.”


“We got the blessing of the IT group after they reviewed the AssurX system and were able to get answers quickly about the level of security and support. As far as the users are concerned, they really like having everything centralized, including the reporting capabilities. We have significantly improved our efficiency and productivity,”


“We use AssurX to log quality incidents related to vendors, co-packers, plants and distributers. We’ll also be logging issues related to health, safety and environmental incidents at our plants.”


“AssurX is a highly configurable enterprise Quality Management System (QMS) which allows us to bring all of our Quality System processes under one enterprise solution. “

Lantheus Imaging

“In my opinion, all facets of the training were perfect 10s. The curriculum was well written, detailed and user friendly. This was the best offsite training I’ve ever taken.”


“PG&E was extremely impressed with the whole process and support from AssurX. They were open and honest from day one and demonstrated exactly what we were looking for.”

“We chose AssurX for its ease of use, the ability to configure the system to our workflow, Zero Client architecture for quick deployment worldwide, ease of integration with ERP systems such as SAP, as well as for its advanced query functionality.”


“We chose AssurX because of its flexibility, true web-based architecture, and was not restricted to CAR’s only. We needed true web-based architecture to enable us to login virtually from any location, any time.”


“AssurX provided a fully configurable solution that no other Quality Management System provider has been able to match. We had a QMS that was unmanageable and not at all user-friendly. We were able to configure the AssurX system to how our users wanted it to function in an extremely short amount of time and have not looked back.”

Immuogen, Inc.

“AssurX…allows easy management of all CAPAs on a local level as well as knowledge exchange between management throughout the global organization.”


“CATSWeb’s zero-client architecture allows us to rapidly deploy our process and solution to new countries and partners without extensive software downloads or IT support.”


“We selected AssurX because it could support our project and had the capability to support other issues/actions-based business processes as well.


“We felt AssurX’s ease of configurability allowed us to continue to adapt our processes and solutions to Genzyme’s increasing product portfolio, facilities and international markets”


“We’re tracking CAPA activity, internal audits, supplier corrective actions, OOS, plus many other processes.”


“Excellent software tool, and the customer service and technical expertise is phenomenal!”

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“We felt AssurX was above and beyond in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, and we have a very strict interpretation of those requirements. AssurX was the only field-proven system that delivered.”


“With AssurX, we have a much more effective way of identifying, tracking and solving company problems that we tie directly into our Six Sigma selection process.”


“We selected AssurX because of its ability to meet two business needs: It ensures that we maintain compliance with regulatory standards, and manages our corrective action program. Its flexibility allows us to configure it to meet our company-specific processes and workflows and has strong reporting and data drill down capabilities for both users and managers.”


“We’re finding new ways to use the tool all the time to manage compliance activities. The system has grown with us to help in ways we hadn’t even imagined.”


“A critical success factor for us is to effectively and efficiently manage a significant volume of regulatory documentation; in a rigorous and compliant manner…you need a reliable and highly configurable system to meet that challenge. That’s why we selected AssurX.”


“AssurX is not only a great quality tracking system, but it can be customized to be used in many other applications throughout our organization.”


“We integrated several solutions into our system. Deviations, CAPA, complaints, disposal management and laboratory incidents. People adapted very quickly and very easily to the software. It was a phenomenal on-boarding experience for us. We have the system in 8 different countries in 5 languages.”

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“Every time we make a candle, we do burn tests and measure defect rates. We used to use spreadsheets, but they were basically useless. We built a very powerful solution with AssurX, and we were able to save $4 million to the bottom line. “

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“Overall, it has been a great experience adopting AssurX as our QMS globally.”

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“AssurX listens to you, takes the time to understand your business, and proposes pragmatic and relevant solutions. That’s why we chose them.”


“When evaluating other products on the market, AssurX was the clear choice. It was selected because of its flexibility, robustness, compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, ISO and cGMP regulations and standards.”


“The team at AssurX was fantastic throughout the design, implementation, and launch of our QMS system.”

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“The system was deployed under budget and ahead of schedule.”


“I like the customization and the fact that I can link all my SQL systems to do advanced features and functions.”

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With the highest customer satisfaction in the industry, we are proudly the trusted quality and compliance experts for some of the most prestigious businesses in the world.
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