Training Management Software

Managing and maintaining employee training records is essential for a quality program. It is necessary to have a system to organize all training information for compliance, including SOPs, certifications, qualifications and licensing.

AssurX Training Management software ensures your personnel is always effectively prepared for the job. All training history is properly documented, accessible, and auditable to meet quality management and regulatory compliance requirements.

Take charge of all training requirements, activities, materials/courses, and histories throughout your organization. Quickly identify “who-needs-what” training even in complex, changing environments.

Training tasks can be automatically launched based on events in other software systems. All associated training activities are systematically managed and recorded to keep your company efficient and compliant with regulatory requirements.

When paired with AssurX Document Management, you will not only reduce paper and messy distribution; you can be sure that users are always accessing and training on the correct version as each new or revised document is ready. And since due dates are automatically tracked, you can be certain all training activities are completed on time and that training histories are updated on the go.

“AssurX’s system helped us to make training easier and almost fun. I had employees stopping me in the hall to thank us for making the training process so much better”


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Flexible automated training management that keeps you in control and in compliance.

Assign one or more roles directly from employee records.

Easily assign required training to each user role.

Automatically record all training activities.

Users are notified of new training tasks or updated requirements.

Supervisors are notified of late or incomplete training requirements.

Employee Training Management Software

The AssurX Training Management solution ensures proper training compliance,
even in complex, fluid environments.

AssurX Training Management Software Features


The software makes unlimited additions or changes in staff, roles, requirements and courses/materials incredibly easy to implement.


Ensure training is practical with post-training testing and effectiveness reviews.


Assign, track, and manage all training by a range of qualifiers such as company, group, or individual.


Quickly identify, assign, and maintain unique training requirements and courses/materials for each employee or contractor.


Automatically record training histories for simple retrieval and reporting to stay compliant with FDA, ISO, GxP, EMEA, NERC, HACCP, and others.


Ensure training and certifications are completed on time.