Build a strong foundation for enterprise quality compliance and productivity with robust training automation.

AssurX Training Management software creates an electronic workflow of tasks, assignments, alerts and escalations that can be automated to your specific needs. It maintains an electronic archive of all training requirements, courses/materials, activities and individual training histories. As a result, one centralized system increases productivity, keeps training on schedule, increases user competence, and helps you achieve compliance requirements. The Training Management demo provides a high-level view of the AssurX solution, which is highly configurable to adapt to your needs.

Powerful features and ease of configurability result in significant benefits including:

  • Increase employee productivity through elimination of manual calendaring and tasks.
  • Reduce process and compliance risks by automating routing for late tasks, escalations, reminders and electronic closure signatures.
  • Central dashboard view to conduct all training-related tasks.
  • Fast on-boarding for new employees and team up-skilling.
  • Systematic management aligns with FDA and other regulations and standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HIPAA, NERC, etc.) with 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures, audit trails, and retention.
  • Controlled access to training information with users and groups with different permissions, including remote access for supplier quality management.
  • Integration with document management to build a solid foundation for quality management across the enterprise.
  • Integration with HR systems to identify gaps and anticipate needs for new training or re-training.

If your organization would like a customized AssurX Training Management demo, connect with us today to get started!