Our Mission

AssurX exists to provide the most configurable, adaptable and easy to use software platform that helps professionals effectively run their daily business. We do this by delivering complete solutions developed with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and an honest dedication to our customers’ success. Our vision is to do for businesses what the mobile OS has done for people with a smartphone—keep the enterprise connected, informed, and coordinated. We intend to be the one software platform that empowers professionals to make informed decisions and easily orchestrate evolving business activities based on live intelligence from across the company.

About AssurX

With decades of expertise built into our quality management and regulatory compliance software, the AssurX Quality Management Platform helps companies maintain quality and compliance standards, streamline workflow, control risk, and better manage any enterprise.

Our incredibly configurable software and deep understanding of users’ needs produce a unique system that easily adapts as your business evolves. AssurX is an ideal partner for regulated companies looking for better operational control and efficiency while staying compliant.

AssurX is an ISO27001 certified and SOC 2 compliant company.

“Overall, it has been a great experience adopting AssurX as our QMS globally.”

Takeda uses AssurX QMS Globally

At AssurX, we work each day, partnering with our customers to identify their needs and deliver solutions that will help them thrive in today’s marketplace.

What Sets Us Apart: Our Quality Policy

AssurX is committed to providing comprehensive and reliable quality and compliance management solutions through customer-driven continuous improvement.


AssurX is focused on delivering quality. We’ve learned from more than 20 years of targeted experience with hugely successful companies that the winners focus on customer satisfaction and product quality to drive profits and establish market leadership. For AssurX, success begins with a relentless dedication to meeting our clients’ quality and compliance management needs and is backed with stable, reliable, innovative products. That’s the foundation and guiding force behind everything we do. If you’re in the business of quality and compliance, our job is to make your work easier and more profitable.


We have a long history of innovation. From creating the first 100% web-based quality tracking application to offering the most comprehensive set of enterprise quality management and regulatory compliance solutions available today, we stay at the forefront of the industry. By keeping our business focused solely on quality and compliance, we’ve honed exceptional domain expertise, a motivated and talented workforce, and a clear vision for solving today’s global issues. We continue to use our focused expertise to create practical, flexible, and secure solutions that improve product and service quality, ease compliance procedures, enhance operations, and boost your bottom line.


AssurX stands behind its products and services, and that’s why our customers stand behind us. We’ve earned continuous profitability and the highest customer satisfaction in the business. Among our many clients spanning dozens of industries globally, you’ll find customers who are not only successfully improving their operations with AssurX; you’ll find leading professionals ready to recommend us. We are proudly the trusted quality and compliance management experts for some of the most prestigious businesses in the world.