“AssurX’s ease of configurability allowed us to continue to adapt our processes and solutions to Genzyme’s increasing product portfolio, facilities and international markets.”

Sanofi-genzyme selects AssurX Quality Management System

AssurX Cloud QMS: Manage Your Business. Not Your Software.

AssurX Cloud QMS (cloud-based quality management software system) delivers all of the features and functionality of AssurX’s comprehensive quality, risk and regulatory compliance management solutions quickly, securely and reliably, over the Internet.

There is no waiting for IT staff, no hardware to buy, and no software to install, maintain or backup. AssurX provides it all and gets your system up and running within days, not weeks or months.

AssurX Cloud QMS provides the development, delivery, maintenance and ongoing upgrade of the software so companies can focus on their core competencies.

The service provides rapid setup and configuration (can be configured and available to users within days of signing up) and delivers instant, secure access to your quality, risk, and compliance management systems 24/7/365 from anywhere with an Internet connection.


AssurX Cloud QMS Solution Key Features

AssurX Cloud QMS solution delivers the same powerful functionality found in all AssurX OnPremise software solutions with features that are focused not only on performance but designed with user friendliness in mind.

Lower Costs

AssurX Cloud QMS makes traditional up-front software a thing of the past. We offer fully supported, fully-hosted cloud solutions at low, pay-as-you-go prices.

Access Anywhere. Anytime.

Extend the workplace beyond just the plant and office. Work anytime, anywhere, and on any device with internet access.

Rapid Deployment

The applications can be fully configured and available to your users within days of signing up for the service. No complex, time consuming and expensive server and client installations are required.

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Eliminates System Administration

Traditional purchased software applications must be managed and administered by qualified information systems personnel. AssurX performs these functions, freeing your staff to focus on the company’s core competencies.

Access From Any Device

The AssurX system can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone, on any operating system, and on any Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

Simple Integration

Integrate the Cloud QMS system with other processes or external systems to provide a seamless user experience. Easily integrated with any external system or database such as CRM, ERP, MES, HR, internally developed applications, databases, etc., using AssurX’s robust, flexible open interface (API).

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Free Upgrades

Upgrades and new features are automatically and transparently available to users as soon as they are released. No installation is required. AssurX upgrades new features several times a year—many based on customer feedback and requests.


The AssurX validation service includes process qualification templates for each pre-built application. Each qualification module is cross-referenced with the process requirements and delivered in electronic format.

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Should your business requirements change, you have the option to move the system in-house (on-premise) at any time. AssurX Support will help make the transition smooth and efficient.


Set your Cloud QMS service tier to suit your company’s IT, security or compliance requirements. Standard, Advanced & Dedicated service tiers are available.

AssurX Cloud QMS
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AssurX Cloud QMS
AssurX Cloud QMS delivers all of the features and functionality of AssurX’s comprehensive quality, risk and regulatory compliance management solutions quickly, securely and reliably, over the Internet.
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