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AssurX Document Management Goes Paperless

In regulatory environments, if something isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Quality operating procedures and regulatory compliance both require proper documentation. Beyond being up-to-date, this includes new documentation, updates, reviews, and procedure approvals, as well as any changes in those procedures. Furthermore, the need for electronic document management is a core requirement because it touches all quality processes.

If you still use paper-centric or other legacy systems, you’re likely spending too much time and effort routing, obtaining approvals, submitting changes, and conducting meetings on those changes. Even worse, using different systems for document control, training, CAPA, audit, and other quality processes increase the likelihood of further inefficiency and non-compliance.

AssurX automates document control, including routing, review, revision, and approval of documents. As a result, supervisors and users are kept up to date and on-task with robust notification, revision, escalation, and approval features. The system provides a central, secure repository for convenient search and checking-in/checking-out of documents throughout the enterprise.

AssurX Document Management Solution

Watch a 12 Minute Video of the AssurX Document Management Solution Now

See how the AssurX Document Management Solution creates an easy-to-access and control electronic system that manages the entire document lifecycle from creation through obsolescence, including collaborative authoring, changes, approval routing, release, notifications, and training.

Learn how one combination product manufacturer built the foundation of their QMS with AssurX Document Management and Training Management Solutions

AssurX Case Study: CDMO built the foundation of their QMS with AssurX

How AssurX Quality Document Management Software Can Help You

More and more regulated companies are realizing the need for quality document control software to improve quality operations and facilitate compliance. Organizations with some of the most rigorous regulatory requirements rely on AssurX to manage the five phases of the document control lifecycle.

Benefits of Using AssurX Quality Document Management Software

Shorter Document Control Cycle Time

An end-to-end approach to CAPA actions provides significant compliance advantages. If process gaps are found at any time during the CAPA process, a change record can be launched. AssurX Document Management triggers revisions, routes them through completion and approval, and can also trigger training tasks.

Centralized Document Management

Users across your organization will go to one source for all documents they need for SOP compliance. Come audit or inspection time, you’ll be confident that regulators will be able to find documents they need in the same place.

Risk-Based Approach to Compliance

AssurX integration connects document control to any other quality process, including training management, CAPA, audit management, risk management, supplier quality for a holistic approach to compliance. As a result, documents that require training or affect other quality processes will seamlessly launch tasks within those processes. AssurX follows best practices and risk management principles found in such standards as ICH Q9 for pharmaceutical companies and ISO 14971 for medical device firms.

CORZA Medical uses AssurX for Document Management and overall QMS

“AssurX allows our facilities to become much more organized and efficient by having all pertinent information, scanned documents and photos in one location is key for a successful business and audits.”

AssurX: Quality & Compliance Systems for Every Enterprise

When you choose AssurX, you’re choosing decades of expertise in regulatory environments and innovation in quality management. Our unwavering focus on quality management means you’re getting a best-of-class solution, not a scaled-down or inflexible software solution.

One Platform. Every Solution.

Seamlessly integrate all quality and compliance management processes with one software system. First, implement the solutions you need now, then easily connect more as you are ready. No other system is easier to deploy, configure, and modify.

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