Document Management Software

AssurX’s document management software helps you manage the entire content lifecycle, from content creation to archiving or disposal, with the
most comprehensive functionalities at each stage of the cycle.
Modify, review, and distribute documents in a controlled manner—all from a secure central repository that maintains all documents, revisions, and complete document history.

By automating your document control process with AssurX document management software, you can easily manage, organize, and sort documents while improving highly-regulated enterprise quality processes and reducing compliance risks.

In addition, security features enable you to control access to documents with configurable permissions. You can be confident every document is current and that every revision can be quickly processed and tracked. The system also alerts appropriate staff of new or revised documents as they are released and records their acknowledgment.

“The AssurX system proved to be highly intuitive and the extraction and migration of metadata into AssurX was easy to execute…We migrated approximately 20,000 Lifecycle Documents and close to 100,000 Training History Records.”

Sr. Director, Quality Systems
Diagnostics Imaging Agent Manufacturer

Controlled Document Management Across the Organization & Document Lifecycle

The AssurX document control software automatically informs relevant personnel when documents are updated.
Store all documents, templates, revisions, and history with AssurX Document Management Software.
The AssurX platform maintains security with a secure check-in/check-out process for authorized users to collaborate.
Maintain controlled processes for collaborative edits, revisions, redlining, and approvals across the organization with AssurX document change control software.
AssurX document control solutions provide oversight and transparency by notifying supervisors of late or incomplete tasks.

document management software | document control software

AssurX enterprise document control software manages the entire document life-cycle
from creation through obsolescence.

AssurX Document Management Software Features


Automatically launch documents and revisions based on events happening across your operations or quality management system.


Automated, closed-loop revision and approval process reduces errors and cycle times while minimizing compliance risks.


Maintain secure, controlled access to documents with a robust industry compliant document management system (FDA, ISO, GxP, NERC, EMEA, HACCP, and more).


Eliminate inappropriate document use with integrated training management.


Streamline enterprise operations with a central document repository that ensures automatic tracking and routing through workflows.

Document Management Demo | AssurX Quality Management Software

Watch a 20 Minute Video of the AssurX Document Management Solution Now

See how the AssurX Document Management Solution creates an easy-to-access and control electronic library that manages the entire document lifecycle from creation through obsolescence including collaborative authoring; changes; approval routing; release; notification and training.