Secure, Centralized Document Control

Bringing collaboration together.

The AssurX document management software creates an easy to access and control electronic library that manages the entire document lifecycle from creation through obsolescence including: collaborative authoring; changes; approval routing; release; notification and training.

Simplify. Organize. Automate.

  • AUTO-NOTIFICATIONS: The AssurX document control software automatically informs relevant personnel when documents are updated.
  • STORAGE: Store all documents, templates, revisions, and history with AssurX Document Management Software.
  • SECURITY: Increase security and control access with a fully compliant document system (21 CFR Part 11, FDA, ISO, NERC, etc.)
  • CONTROLLED CHANGE: Reduce errors and cycle times with automated revision management.
  • OVERSIGHT: AssurX document control solutions provide oversight and transparency by notifying supervisors of late or incomplete tasks.

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