“We integrated several solutions into our system. Deviations, CAPA, complaints, disposal management and laboratory incidents. People adapted very quickly and very easily to the software. It was a phenomenal on-boarding experience for us. We have the system in 8 different countries in 5 languages.”

Change Control Management Software

Orchestrate, track, and document changes across all areas of your business with AssurX Change Control Management software. Our automated change control software provides a compliant method that will help your organization manage any type of change.

The software takes change requests and manages the evaluation, planning, approval, implementation as well as the documentation of changes with a closed-loop workflow.

Using industry best-practices, proposed changes that are evaluated, change plans that are mapped out with feedback requests, tasks, reviews, as well as approvals, are assigned and tracked and approved changes are released and implemented across operations.

With AssurX change control management software, your business can effectively control the change process, no matter where an issue triggering a change originates, and regardless of how many departments the planned change impacts.

The AssurX Change Control Management software receives any type of proposed change and efficiently
manages its evaluation, planning, implementation, and documentation.

Change Management Product Brochure

Automated, Flexible, Enterprise-Wide Control

AssurX Change Management software orchestrates, tracks and documents changes across all functional areas of an organization. Initiate and process any change type as required for compliance and risk minimization through best practices workflows.

AssurX Change Control Management Software Features


Initiate, plan, and track any type of change from proposal through implementation within a consistent, automated process across the enterprise.


Keep centralized, coordinated control over changes implemented across multiple
business groups, entities, plants or countries.


Reduce redundant change processing efforts, facilitate project collaboration and continuous improvement.


Instantly access real-time status information and metrics so you know all tasks, plans and approvals are being properly handled, and all trends are identified quickly.


Automatically link related processes, issues, actions and information throughout operations for a faster, more holistic approach.


Stay in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards such as FDA, ISO, GxP, NERC and more with closed-loop change control and time-stamped audit trails and electronic records/signatures.

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Learn how AssurX’s automated change control solution provides a compliant method that will help your organization facilitate and control any type of change.