Simplify your end-to-end workflow for managing product or process changes

AssurX Change Management is designed to enable you with cross-functional engagement by providing visibility of tasks, assessments, and timelines. A streamlined intuitive workflow allows you to manage and facilitate tasks and deliverables towards achieving the desired outcomes for your product or process improvement.

Watch the AssurX Change Management demonstration to learn how you can incorporate an automated change management process to promote a robust and sustainable change and improvement cadence.

What you’ll gain from automating your change management process:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Increasing accountability through tasks, process approvals, and automated audit trails.
  • CONTROL: All change controls are initiated, tracked and managed to ensure compliance requirements and product specifications are met.
  • INTEGRATION: Integrate with relevant QMS processes including complaint management, nonconformance and deviation management, CAPA and supplier management for a robust, efficient system.
  • COMPLIANCE: Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and standards including FDA, ISO, GxP, NERC and other industry regulations with a closed-loop change control.
  • STREAMLINE: Workflows enable collaboration for tracking regulatory filing and approvals and quality management processes that must be performed in alignment with the change request.
  • VISIBILITY: Connect to documents, configuration files, nonconformance reports, supplier records, design controls or any other interdependent digital records for greater visibility.