Improve customer satisfaction, collect actionable data, and align with ISO Standards.

The AssurX Customer Quality Management solution supports manufacturing industries that do not require a regulated post-market surveillance and complaint handling system (FDA, EU, etc.). By design, the Customer Quality solution supports the ISO framework. It ensures that products and services meet standards for consumers as outlined in ISO 10002:2018 (customer satisfaction and complaint handling within the QMS).

The ISO framework prescribes having a process in place to monitor, document, review, and analyze complaints. Furthermore, that process should facilitate corrective action in the event that customer requirements are not being met. Therefore, this solution is perfect for companies looking to certify on ISO 10002 for complaint handling and align seamlessly with the ISO 9001 certification for quality management.

The Customer Quality Management solution demo shows the core AssurX solution, which is highly configurable for the unique needs of your organization.

Take advantage or AssurX’s powerful features to improve customer satisfaction and product quality:

    • Reduce risk and improve time-to-closure by automating routing for late tasks, escalations, reminders and electronic closure signatures.
    • View and conduct all tasks from one dashboard.
    • Control access to information for users and groups with different permissions.
    • Integrate with additional quality solutions to ensure closed-loop investigations and CAPA.
    • Create consistent terminology, classifications, and scoring for clear insights and KPI measurements.
    • Manage complaints and their associated actions from any source of ingress.

If your organization would like to see the Customer Quality demo in action, connect with us today to get started!