FRACAS solution will help identify platform-based issues and drive reliability projects

AssurX, Inc., a leader in enterprise quality management and regulatory compliance software, announced that Revasum, a leading semiconductor equipment company has implemented the AssurX QMS Cloud™ platform for failure analysis and improvement. 

The failure reporting, analysis, and corrective action system (FRACAS) use the flexible and robust configurability of AssurX Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance Software. The closed-loop FRACAS enables Revasum to collect, track, and manage data related to failures, determine root causes, and implement corrective actions through automated workflows. 

FRACAS is a critical process that spans all stages of issue management in the semiconductor manufacturing process. It helps identify and remediate any breaks in the production and repair chains. By automating FRACAS, Revasum captures internally generated downtime and customer data to manage issues in a centralized, secure system. By incorporating data from multiple sources, Revasum will better understand platform-based issues and drive reliability projects to address them.

“The Revasum solution is a clear example of the adaptability of the AssurX Quality Management System (QMS) architecture,” explained Dave Vadas, VP of Special Projects at AssurX. “AssurX core solutions are built to meet the quality and regulatory needs of specific industries, but its unmatched design and configurability allow the platform to accommodate virtually any complex process automation for issue analysis and resolution.” 

Revasum’s FRACAS is designed on the “medical model” of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CFR Title 21 Part 11 and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards and best practices. All data is handled as securely as personal health information (PHI) contained in a medical record. The result is an issue management system with data integrity, data security, access control, and core attributes. For more information, please read the accompanying case study.

AssurX Case Study Semiconductor Manufacturer

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Revasum (ARBN: 629 268 533) manufactures market-leading wafer processing equipment for the global semiconductor industry 200mm and below. Its portfolio of production-proven, reliable CMP, grinding, and polishing equipment supports device and substrate producers in critical growth markets, including IoT, 5G, and automotive. Revasum’s products serve a broad range of market segments such as silicon, silicon carbide, power, RF communications, LED, MEMS, semiconductor, and other mobile applications. Revasum’s equipment and processes are designed and developed in close collaboration with its customers. As a result, each system meets or exceeds the customer’s requirements for quality, performance, and cost. For more information, visit


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