Expert consulting knowledge and industry-leading cybersecurity management software provide the ultimate solution to minimize risk of cyberattacks and regulatory fines

MORGAN HILL, CA – (September 15, 2021) – AssurX, Inc., a leader in Regulatory Compliance software for the energy and utility industry and Quality Management System (QMS) software for FDA and other regulated industries, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership with Rokster, a leading technology consulting firm specializing in Regulatory Compliance, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Business Intelligence for the utility and life sciences space. AssurX’s innovative Energy and Compliance System (ECOS) software and Rokster’s extensive compliance and cybersecurity consulting expertise will align to address today’s growing customer needs for cybersecurity management and compliance in the utility space.

The AssurX ECOS platform is a highly versatile automated Regulatory Compliance Management Software used to improve quality and compliance, streamline workflow, and control risk to better manage any enterprise. The ECOS platform is built on the same configurable software platform as the AssurX Quality Management System (QMS). This perfectly complements Rokster’s consulting expertise, combining expert hands-on cybersecurity knowledge with intuitive technology for seamless ongoing cybersecurity management and compliance.

”The partnership between Rokster and AssurX is a great fit for our energy compliance management system,” explained Tamar June, President and CEO of AssurX. “AssurX software is uniquely designed to build a robust, process-driven system for managing NERC CIP compliance. Customers can further extend their system utilization for other requirements of NERC and regional compliance. The result is a single source of truth for all cybersecurity management, NERC, and PRC issue tracking and mitigation. The collective expertise of AssurX and Rokster is a significant benefit to energy companies that need to better control risk and demonstrate compliance.”

AssurX ECOS - Energy and Utilities Compliance Management Software

AssurX ECOS is a platform of automated processes that integrate to build a powerful ecosystem for managing risk and demonstrating regulatory compliance. Click to expand image.

Rokster’s regulatory compliance and cybersecurity services include NERC CIP program development, gap analysis, mock audits, audit preparation, vulnerability assessments, physical security, supply chain risk management, and ransomware readiness assessments. The company’s ability to help in these areas for industrial control systems and operational technology environments has proven to be critical for utility businesses’ cybersecurity protection and compliance programs, especially given the increasing concern that ransomware and cyber threats bring to power grids, energy distribution channels, and manufacturing plants.

“This partnership marries both company’s sweet spots—Rokster’s expert knowledge along with AssurX’s technology. Once we identify a plan to help utility customers minimize risk to online threats and cyber attacks, the AssurX system makes maintaining that operational efficiency very easy in the long term. Customers can automate and manage all quality and compliance processes with one system. Plus, we can work in tandem with AssurX to help customers realize the full ROI potential of AssurX’s software,” noted Rokster’s Vice President of Cybersecurity, Dominick Birolin, CISSP, CISA.

About AssurX:

AssurX is a leading provider of quality management system (QMS) and compliance management software solutions for regulated industries. Built with the same functionality and features as its quality management system, the AssurX Energy Compliance System (ECOS) enables energy & utility companies to manage compliance requirements for NERC and Regional Standards, NERC CIP, and other federal and state regulations. AssurX ECOS is a scalable, configurable solution that integrates processes that build a mature, resilient system for evidence management, assessments, issue management and mitigation. ECOS automates processes to identify risk and demonstrate compliance across all critical operations through automated workflow processes that seamlessly connect compliance and risk data. For more information visit

About Rokster:

Rokster, part of The Planet Group, is a premier technology consulting and solutions provider, specializing in the Utility and Life Sciences industries for Regulatory Compliance, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Business Intelligence. We partner with companies to provide premier technical experienced solutions that aid in the protection, growth, and continued success of their business across its unique industry. Our mission is to provide sustainable, effective, and reliable plans for a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 powerhouses to up-and-coming startups. No matter how big or small, Rokster can help protect your organization, increase efficiency, and surpass your business goals.


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