The same principles and tools that produce an effective military culture can be applied to organizations seeking a successful culture of quality, according to ASQ CEO and retired Three-Star Lieutenant General, William Troy.

Bill Troy, Worldwide CEO, ASQ to keynote at AssurX Summit 2019 in Scottsdale, AZ

William Troy, Worldwide CEO, ASQ

William Troy will deliver the keynote address at AssurX’s upcoming Summit 2019 User Conference. The keynote “Achieving a Culture of Quality,” draws from Troy’s experience in the US Military and helps attendees consider how to build a strong culture within their own organizations.

“We look forward to welcoming Bill to our Summit as the keynote speaker and as a part of our expert panel discussion,” said Tamar June, AssurX President and CEO.

June noted that many AssurX customers are members of ASQ. “Having Bill there to share his practical experience in building organizations that rely on the core principals of quality definitely resonates. I am excited for this Summit and some of the new sessions we will be introducing,” she said.

Betting on Human Behavior

Developing a culture of quality can help cement a reputation of reliability, as well as improve profits, boost employee morale and loyalty, and reduce costs, among other benefits.

Troy believes that an organization’s values must serve as the foundation on which lasting cultures of quality are built and that shaping culture is about shaping human behavior. But building that culture is no easy task, Troy said.

“We hear a great deal about the need to build a culture of quality, the benefits of having a culture of quality, and how quality tools are applied in a culture of quality,” Troy said. “However, little guidance is offered on achieving that culture.”

Companies can look to other industries and organizations to see examples of culture in action.

For example, “militaries all over the world are remarkably effective in building cultures that reflect their values,” Troy noted. “Organizations that value excellence can build a strong and effective culture that is responsive to the needs of customers, is cognizant of risks, and is continually improving,” said Troy.

Troy’s working assumption is that people are people, in uniform or out, and that achieving a culture of quality has roots in understanding and embracing principles of human behavior. He plans to outline the values and principles often present in military settings that can produce a lasting quality culture in organizations.

The AssurX Summit

The AssurX Summit is aimed at technical and business professionals responsible for managing, implementing and supporting their organization’s quality management and regulatory compliance strategies with the AssurX platform. This event gathers AssurX customers and experts from across the globe for four days of hands-on product exploration, best practices and industry education.