AssurX announces an expanded schedule for the September 2017 AssurX User Conference.

AssurX User Conference: September 17, 2017 – September 20, 2017

The 2017 AssurX User Conference will be the 15th Anniversary Conference. It will be held on September 17 – 20, 2017 in Lake Tahoe, CA. The conference will begin with a kickoff cocktail reception and dinner at 5:00 p.m. on September 17.

This year’s conference has been expanded to include new session topics for system administrators and users (of all levels) and leadership. It will be 3 days of in-depth learning, hands-on sessions, and networking.

Venue Location: Lake Tahoe, California

The AssurX User Conference will be held at a luxury California resort, The Resort at Squaw Creek, with state of the art conference facilities in an idyllic mountain setting. The Resort at Squaw Creek rests at the base of the Squaw Valley, the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Why Attend? 

There are 4 key reasons to attend the 2017 AssurX User Conference.

  • Discover: Learn about new functionality and features, as well as what is on the horizon from AssurX. See what your peers have accomplished through detailed customer-presented case studies.
  • Explore: Intensive technical and how-to sessions for various types/levels help users build expert skills. Industry and topical sessions educate on the latest in quality, compliance, and use of AssurX.
  • Discuss: Meet other industry professionals to exchange ideas, speak with teams like yours, and find out how they make the most of their AssurX investment.
  • Access Experts: Access quality and compliance management leaders to learn from them and implement their advice. Receive answers to your questions and one-on-one assistance from AssurX professional services.
View the AssurX Summit 2017 Conference Agenda

View the AssurX Summit 2017 Conference Agenda and Register Today!

AssurX Summit User Conference Topic Tracks

The AssurX Summit includes sessions, tracks, events, and topics surrounding the topics below:

  • Keynote: How Cyber Decisions and Solutions Impact the Corporate Risk Model: Bill Johnson, CEO + Founder, TDi Corporation
  • Customer Case Studies: Presenting companies include Servier, VELCO, ImmunoGen, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and MISO
  • Business + Solutions Tracks:  Sample tracks include AssurX Preconfigured QMS Solutions Overview, Techniques to Improve Process Efficiency in any Implementation, and New AssurX Interface Enhancements
  • Technical + Configuration Tracks: Expanded tracks include over a dozen sessions from beginner to advanced level topics including Form Builder & Workflow Builder, Configuring Display Parts and Dashboards, Data Management Using Import/Export, Enhancing your AssurX UX using CSS & JavaScript
  • Industry-Specific Tracks: In-depth session topics for Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Energy & Utilities

More Information + Updates

To learn more about the 2017 AssurX User Conference or to register to attend please visit  If you have additional questions, please email [email protected].