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This webinar examines strategies for NERC reliability standards compliance. Subject matter experts from AssurX and the industry will look at the current state of affairs, the new scrutiny and pressure on the T&D industry imposed by FERC, and discuss compliance management strategies. Learn about the elements of a strong compliance management program, and establishing ownership and staffing of a new utility compliance organization. You’ll also hear an auditor’s viewpoint of compliance, and discussion of the common pitfalls during compliance management implementation. You’ll hear how proactive utilities are implementing systems to ensure they are compliant. AssurX’s robust compliance tracking system for scheduling and conducting internal reviews, assigning remediation tasks, monitoring new and revised standards, managing filing and self-certification forms will be demonstrated.



  • NERC compliance update
  • Compliance management program elements (Gap Analysis, Self-Reporting, Corrective Action)
  • Ownership of compliance within the organization
  • Staffing a compliance organization (Centralized & Decentralized)
  • Common concerns from an auditor’s viewpoint
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Demonstration of AssurX application

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