Selecting & Implementing Automated NERC Compliance Management Software

Selecting compliance software for NERC and other energy industry regulations is challenging. There are profound implications if the software fails to achieve expectations, which emphasizes how crucial it is to prepare in advance of your evaluation and selection.

This document provides an overview and guide of what to consider when evaluating an automated compliance management system. It explores best practices for building your business case, aligning corporate objectives, stakeholder commitment, requirements gathering, shortlisting vendors, and vendor selection.

Topics covered:

  • Validate the Need for an Automated Compliance Software System
  • Establish an Implementation Project Team
  • Gain Enterprise Stakeholder Commitment
  • Establish Project Deadlines
  • Define High-Level Success Criteria
  • Requirement Mapping
  • Shortlist NERC Compliance Software Vendors
  • Collaborate With Your NERC Compliance Software Vendor