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Supplier Quality Software

Extend quality management into your supply network to improve supplied product quality and supplier performance. Monitor suppliers and contract manufacturers, automatically track issues with purchased goods and sub-assembly from receiving through manufacturing and into the field, then swiftly resolve them. With supplier quality management software from AssurX, you can easily detect, inspect and contain quality issues at their source, regardless of how many suppliers and contract manufacturers you have or where they’re located. The software lets you collaborate instantly with suppliers and drives supplier corrective actions to solve problems faster. The system also automates the qualification and auditing of your supplier base, collects real-time metrics and calculates supplier scores based on performance so you can sustain the highest standards across your network. AssurX supplier quality management software lowers the cost of manufacturing by reducing rework and bad shipments while ensuring quality at the source, wherever that source may be

AssurX SQM Spans the Enterprise and the Product Lifecycle


Improve future designs with increased visibility into production and supplier issues.


Manage the Enterprise with real-time performance data via KPIs.


Avoid recurring problems by viewing and managing issues across the value chain.


Engage suppliers in resolving problems with supplied product.


Rate supplier performance and manage procurement issues.


Track late deliveries, shortages, and nonconforming products.


Connect customer reported issues with supplied goods and suppliers.



The AssurX Supplier Quality solution improves supplied product quality and supplier performance by tracking issues from receiving through manufacturing and into the field.


The software creates transparency across your supplier network by providing real-time traceability and monitoring.


Immediately identify and report on shortages, late shipments, and defective parts or sub-assembly to control costs and make better product the first time around.


Track in-line and receiving issues, lots, operators, suppliers, and material movements linking critical process and product information across your operations and supply network.


Rate and rank suppliers with scorecards based on real-time supplier performance metrics.


Real-time data capture, performance metrics, trending and analytics dashboards deliver instant business intelligence about supplied goods quality and suppliers.


Built-in compliance features ensure your operations stay compliant with FDA, ISO, GMP, GxP, EMEA, HACCP and others.

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