Fact, Fiction or Just Good Old Fashioned Nonsense – EMP Speech From FERC Conference

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James Holler, Founder, Abidance Consulting

On February 8, 2011, FERC hosted a conference dealing with the security of the nation’s grid. I really wish I had been there so I could have called a lot of these people on the carpet about the garbage they were spewing forth! One of the “Chicken Little’s” that took time to try and scare people, Avi Schnurr of the Electric Infrastructure Security Council (EISC), gave a doomsday scenario without any language on how to prevent or recover from an EMP event.

If Mr. Schnurr had wanted to add any value to his speech, which by the way, was based on test data from 45-50 years ago, he would have stated that there is a fix for EMP events called a Faraday Shield. Mr. Schnurr could have continued on and told everyone that Faraday Shields are so common that they are used in everyday items such as cell phones, microwave ovens and even LCD televisions. The technology to fix the issue(s) stated by Mr. Schnurr has been around for more than 50 years.

When an individual or company gives you bad scenario after bad scenario of what will, and not what might occur, and not give a single example of a solution of even a hint of a solution, one should ask themselves what is this person’s ulterior motive?

It is solely my opinion that the only purpose Mr. Schnurr served was to scare the power industry into calling on the EISC for assistance — for a hefty fee I am sure. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I have seen too many “snake oil salesmen” in my time.

James Holler is founder of Abidance Consulting.

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