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AssurX Course Descriptions

The courses described below may be offered as classroom (at one of our training facilities), or on-site (at your location) learning.

See the Course Schedule for specific dates, locations, and forums for all regularly scheduled classes. Course content may also be custom tailored, and/or scheduled, to meet your organization’s needs.

Please contact your account executive for pricing and details. When you’re ready for training, simply submit your Training Request online.

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“AssurX…allows easy management of all CAPAs on a local level as well as knowledge exchange between management throughout the global organization.”

– Manager, Global Quality Info Systems

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Standard Courses

System Administration


Intended for AssurX system administrators, this 2-day course provides the basic foundation for day-to-day administration of the AssurX software platform. It also provides the prerequisite knowledge and skills for the System Configuration course.


  • Basic Computer, E-mail, and Web Browsing Skills


  • Understand System Concepts and Features
  • Navigate Through the System
  • Use the Built-in Help Features
  • Use and Administrate Personal Options
  • Assign Tasks and Track Responsibility
  • Request and Apply Electronic Signatures
  • Setup and Manage Proxy Signers
  • Queries and Advanced Searches to Find Data
  • Setup and Manage Users (Groups, Departments, and Employees)
  • Setup and Manage Interface Preferences (GUI, fonts, colors, etc.)
  • Setup and Manage Lists
  • Automated Notifications, Reminders and Escalations (Email and Rules)
  • Setup and Manage System Security (Personalities, Functional, Field & Managerial Restrictions)
  • Setup and Manage Database Settings (Passwords, Timeouts, etc.)


Classroom or On-site

Please see our course schedule for 2019. AssurX offers regularly scheduled classroom courses in IL and AZ throughout the year.

System Configuration


This 3-day course is aimed at non-programmers and provides the skills required to configure new applications and workflows, and modify existing AssurX forms and enhance functionality.


  • Basic Computer, E-mail, and Web Browsing Skills
  • System Administration Course


  • Configure Custom Forms with Form Builder
  • Configure Advanced Workflows with Workflow Builder
  • Configure Intelligent Lists
  • Configure Custom Default Dates and Lists of Dates
  • Configure Custom Buttons and Links
  • Configure Event Hook Configurable Actions and Customize Email Notices
  • Configure Forms Plus Options
    • Resize Fields
    • Configure Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
    • Enhance Lists
    • Display Popup Calendars
    • Configure Tabbed Forms
    • Configure Rich Text Areas
    • Maintain Scroll Position
    • Display In-Progress Popup Messages, Timeout Warnings
    • Auto-Save Drafts
  • Configure and Customize Electronic Signature Routing
  • Configure Custom Pages with Dashboards and Display Parts


Classroom or On-site

Custom Courses

Customized Training


AssurX can work with you to customize any of the above training based on your needs. For example, AssurX can train a company’s user base on the specific applications they have built (Application Specific User Training).


Classroom or On-site. Scheduled on Request.

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See the AssurX Course Description and schedule for specific dates, locations, and forums for all regularly scheduled classes.
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