Download the AssurX EU MDR Clinical Data Checklist eBrief

Clinical data is at the heart of the European Union Medical Device Requirements (EU MDR). The term is linked to extensive discussions regarding EU MDR and regulatory requirements to demonstrate appropriate clinical data.

Data, definitions, and documentation will represent the most significant change in terms of the type, quality, quantity, and accessibility of information. While clinical evidence and device descriptions are not new requirements, product classifications are changing, and risk will determine the type and quantity of data required to be collected, retained, and reported.

Though every device design change can vary from one to the next, there are a few core practices to follow to demonstrate sufficient data. This eBrief provides a brief list of items to consider before embarking on a design change to a medical device planned for distribution to one of the European Union member states.

Download the AssurX EU MDR Solution Brochure

The AssurX EU MDR solution aligns business logic with the most up-to-date MIR template published by the European Commission (EC) and automates the documentation and submission under vigilance guidelines and reporting time frames.

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