Completing your EQMS with Automated Audit Management On-Demand Webinar

This Automating Audit Management webinar provides an overview of the elements that make up a best practice automated audit management system.

You’ll also see an implementation-ready (and fully configurable) best practice Audit Management system that includes audit schedules, audit tasks, audit checklists, identifications of scope and applicable questions, the documentation of observations and findings, as well as the ongoing management of responses to those observations and all resulting corrective actions.

Key focus areas include:

  • Quality Management regardless of industry
  • Challenges for start-ups
  • Quality Management System (QMS) processes implementation hierarchy
  • Audit Management landscape and a best practice approach (Goals, Elements, Workflow, Additional Attributes)
  • Leveraging expertise to enable best practices
  • Demonstration of a working system

Download the AssurX Audit Management Product Brochure

AssurX audit management software allows you to plan, schedule, and conduct an audit of any kind. It captures findings and manages the process of resolving them for you.

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