Multidisciplinary Enterprise Deviation Management

Reduce risk and close deviation gaps:

The AssurX Deviation Management solution provides a single source that helps capture, investigate, and correct planned and unplanned deviations in one system. Our automated, configurable solution helps you visualize, manage, and control process deviations in order to avoid regulatory action, financial loss, and damage to your brand. AssurX is designed to meet compliance requirements for ICH Q10, CGMPs, ISO standards, and others as they apply to your industry. This brief Deviation Management solution demo highlights key functionality in the solution. See how to replace information silos with an enterprise system that enables collaboration and visibility across the value chain.

View the Deviation Management solution demo and see how AssurX allows you to:

  • Gain insights to help continually improve processes and produce higher quality products.
  • Demonstrate consistency in the deviation management process.
  • View the status of open deviations in real-time.
  • Increase enterprise-wide accountability through a clear workflow of tasks, reminders, and escalations.
  • Integrate CAPA, effectiveness reviews and process audits to drive continual improvement and permanent associations.
  • Route records for electronic, time-stamped approval.
  • Track deviation and incident information by lot, part, ingredients, or any other criteria.
  • Make risk-based decisions based on the risk priority of a deviation or potential deviation as determined by your organization.
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