Define your audit processes and activities based on the types of audits YOUR organization need to conduct.

AssurX Audit Management software helps manage any type of audit activities, data, and processes —from quality to EHS and compliance. As a result, your organization will realize a significant reduction in the time and effort it takes to be audit-ready. This brief AssurX Audit Management demo will acquaint you with our powerful solution used by regulated and ISO-conforming industries.

Streamline audit-related tasks which include creating standardized audit and checklist templates, generating an audit plan, scheduling/assigning audits, conducting audits, identifying nonconformances and recommendations and track data and records through closure. Track and trend quality events to gain insight into your state of quality.

Take advantage or AssurX’s powerful features to gain greater control of your audit management processes:

    • Reduce process risks by automating routing for late tasks, escalations, reminders and electronic closure signatures.
    • View and conduct all audit-related tasks from one audit dashboard.
    • Generate print-ready audit reports with full audit details.
    • Build electronic libraries of audit questions and responses to improve data quality and integrity.
    • Documents, photos and videos can be attached at any stage to provide objective and supporting evidence.
    • Download formatted spreadsheets to conduct off-line remote audits; import the data into AssurX without re-keying.
    • Mobile ready for a real-time view of your audit records.
      Query and access audit conclusions and reports.
    • Control access to audit information with users and groups with different permissions, including remote access for suppliers.
    • Integrate with additional quality solutions to ensure closed-loop investigations and CAPA.

If your organization would like a customized AssurX Audit Management demo, connect with us today to get started!