On-Trend Reports and Infographics

We’ve assembled on-trend reports and infographics on industry topics related to quality management and regulatory compliance software.

AssurX On-Trend Reports

5 Quality Management Trends to Watch in 2021

Let’s look at five important quality management trends to watch in 2021 and how companies can leverage automation to take advantage of the opportunities they present.

Effectively Managing Data Integrity for CGMP

Reliable data promotes good decisions. Unmanaged and inaccurate data will have consequences on a company’s quality output, state of compliance, the risk to patient safety, and ultimately, the bottom line.

EQMS Implementation: How to Lead Organizational Change

The question is: How do you encourage that change and ensure a successful implementation that doesn’t waste time and resources? Let’s look at some key elements of success.

Keeping Your Enterprise QMS Implementation Project On Schedule

Whether it’s building a house or implementing an Enterprise Quality Management Software (QMS) solution. What does home construction have to do with going live with a new QMS solution? There are actually quite a few similarities.

AssurX Cloud for Quality and Compliance: A Primer for Life Science Companies

Companies within the life sciences industry are quickly making a move to the cloud. Virtual computing environments are becoming the most popular, secure, and effective way to store data and run applications, so it’s no surprise that companies within this industry would want to partake, despite their traditional reticence

Configuration vs. Customization for Enterprise QMS Software

If you are evaluating QMS software, be wary of vendors that tell you that their QMS software works “right out-of-the-box.” This is a strategy used to impress you with what the system can do while cloaking the things it can’t do.

Supplier Quality Management: A New QMS-Based Approach

In this report, we look at a new approach to supplier quality management, focusing on how to automate the quality management system (QMS) to improve quality and reduce risk.

Remote Audits in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond

Decisions on whether to audit remotely may need to be made on a case-by-case basis, requiring a risk analysis based in part on the manufacturer’s compliance history. Download to learn more.

Elements of an Effective Supplier Scorecard

Here we look at elements of an effective supplier scorecard, how to score them, and considerations for getting the most from your EQMS supplier quality management solution.

AssurX Infographics

Analyzing Your Document History

An effective document management system automates review cycles to keep documentation current and aligned with respective processes.


9 Benefits of a Supplier Scorecard

Within an enterprise quality management system (EQMS), manufacturers can use the supplier scorecard to mitigate risk, benchmark vendors, and manage supplier performance.


Elements of a Modern Change Management System

The AssurX Change Management System infographic outlines industry best-practices of modern change control and how an enterprise can keep up with the strict requirements of their regulated industry.


EU MDR and IVDR Timeline

Stay current with the European Commission’s EU MDR and IVDR implementation plan and timeline.

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