Request Webinar Replay – Ensuring NERC Compliance: PRC-005 Protection System Maintenance


Learn how registered entities are tracking their maintenance program to the PRC-005 NERC standard. See how a comprehensive time-based program that addresses component maintenance activities, classifications, and standard directed minimum time-based interval requirements can help utilities, generators, and cooperatives–large to small–achieve and maintain their NERC compliance initiatives.



  • Time-based program and schedules for components based on approved NERC requirements
  • Site records are associated with a specific Time-Based Program
  • Components align to a site and have specific maintenance schedule(s)
  • Measurements and dashboards that track real-time performance metrics for status, assignment, due date time frames, and overall compliance
  • Automatic task assignments created based upon pre-determined lead times, scheduled interval, and the last test/maintenance task date
  • Provides for maintenance instruction documents, which present upon specific task assignments to aid maintenance staff
  • Ability to batch update tasks directly from a dashboard
  • Test / maintenance activity results and/or file attachment of results
  • Ability to bulk extract maintenance evidence records for audit preparations
  • Automatic task emails at various stages to aid ensuring that tasks do not become past due. Individuals, periods, and time frames are adjustable
  • Personal homepages, compliance monitoring homepages, email notifications, escalations, and calendars
  • Improved user guides with instructions and videos for the end users

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