“The AssurX system has significantly increased visibility, as well as productivity. And since it’s so flexible, you’re limited only by your imagination in what you can do with it.”


One Solution for Every Industry

The flexible AssurX platform is designed to perfectly suit any industry or manufacturing process. It is especially well suited for highly regulated industries such as the energy & utilities and life science industries. Here at AssurX, we understand the needs of a diverse set of industries and we have developed specialized expertise and unique offerings in these areas.

Control activities and data with complete visibility. Know immediately when an issue arises. Evaluate and resolve problems quickly.


The robust AssurX Platform is rich in features and software solutions that make critical quality management and regulatory compliance tasks simple, transparent, and automated. 


Creates an integrated approach to compliance, quality and business operations with a single source of information so you KNOW all requirements are being met, all risks are being managed, and resources are properly prioritized.


Proactively identifies compliance gaps or rising risks and sends alerts to initiate quick remediation, avoiding fines, negative publicity and legal actions associated with compliance failure.


Creates a central repository for data, history and compliance evidence, enabling quicker and more thorough response to investigations, inquiries and audits.


Manage operations while detecting, correcting and preventing potential issues. Automatically direct and track activities, share data and communicate information to the appropriate parties in real-time—even across the most complex, distributed organizations.


Built for changing business and regulatory landscapes. Quickly incorporate changes in requirements and standards, directives, or process improvements. AssurX reduces the cost of staying current and increases business competitiveness.


Dashboards with real-time KPIs, analytics and trending deliver global oversight and instant business intelligence, accessed anywhere with an Internet connection.


Energy & Utilities

One integrated system of turnkey solutions tailored to meet the needs of the energy and utility industry.


Life Sciences

We make ensuring highest quality levels a reality with custom solutions for the life sciences industry.


Manage quality across your operation in one integrated system of solutions designed for manufacturing companies.


High Tech

AssurX helps high-tech manufacturers meet the highest quality standards by quickly identifying and resolving quality issues.



Food & Beverage

The AssurX solution for food and beverage companies allows them to quickly capture, track, correct, prevent and analyze all product quality, safety and compliance issues across the production process.


Medical Devices

AssurX delivers efficient, cost-effective global quality management solutions designed specifically for medical device regulatory requirements.

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